Although she grew up and lived in Florida for most of her life, Katherine has bounced around the country quite a bit, finally landing in Las Vegas in 2013.

As a kid she wanted to grow up to be a professor at Harvard living in a brownstone in Boston. A pretty specific goal to have as a youngin’, but the idea probably came to her when her family visited Boston and she instantly fell in love with the city and tweed elbow patches.

Katherine’s hobbies include anything having to do with cooking and food. She’s been working her way through a great Mexican food cookbook that she started during her 8-month stay in Louisiana (a mission that started because there were no good Mexican restaurants in the area).

Her most prized possession is a cookbook that her mom made for her that contains family-favorite and heirloom recipes she has collected over time. Her mother created one cookbook each for her siblings about 10 years ago and included her a handwritten introduction. Every few years she adds a couple of pages to keep the tradition going. Perhaps in order to balance out her love for food, Katherine also enjoys practicing yoga in her free time.

What is your hometown?

Dunedin, Florida. On the Gulf Coast side… an important distinction in Florida!

Where is your next big vacation going to be?

Definitely Italy in 2016, but my bucket list of travel destinations is about a mile long so maybe I can squeeze in a trip to Greece, Germany, or Vietnam before then.

What is your guilty-pleasure song/band?

REO Speedwagon.

What is your favorite comfort food?


Where were you in life five years ago?

I was a massage therapist, working in a chiropractor's office and living in Colorado.

What type of person should work at SkyWire?

Someone who isn't afraid to mix it up a bit and be a great team player.

What year did you start working at SkyWire?


What was your first job?

Technically babysitting, but I was an epic failure at it. First real job was cashiering at a local grocery store.