An avid gamer, and anime fan, Jeff is a Southern California transplant that doesn’t mind the Las Vegas heat! Jeff is much more comfortable ordering take out than in the kitchen, but when he does have to cook, he likes to keep it simple with his go to dish of rice and chicken and hopes to one day expand his culinary skills…maybe.


Hacienda Heights, CA

Dream Destination? (fictional or existing)


First Job?

Cashier at a Dollar Mart

What do you want your last meal to be?

Pizza! Chicken and onion with siracha

What TV show is your guilty pleasure?

Proudly, Parks and Recreation – zero guilt about it!

Book or movie?


Life motto?


What activity would you win a gold medal for?


Which band or artist is a favorite on your playlist?

Bad Sons

Last series you binge watched?

Boku no Hero Academia