A native to Las Vegas, Chris came to SkyWire looking to grow his career by following his passion for learning and has proven to be an asset to the SkyWire team. He is a firm believer that knowledge is power and has a goal of learning as much as possible about EVERYTHING! He finds learning so valuable, and SkyWire values his expert drone pilot skills, his initiative, and his positive attitude.


Las Vegas – born and raised!

Dream Destination? (fictional or existing)

Iceland is on the list with a trip to Japan already in the works!

First Job?

Custom ice cream creator and cake decorator at Cold Stone

What do you want your last meal to be?

Mashed Potato Bar

What TV show is your guilty pleasure?


Book or movie?

Book. Your imagination creates a better version of the movie

Life motto?

Kill’em with kindness

What activity would you win a gold medal for?

The art of persuasion, instigation, or archery

Which band or artist is a favorite on your playlist?

Blink 182

Last series you binge watched?