Carlo came to SkyWire looking to try something new and was a referral from SkyWire team member Jessica Clark, as she knew he could be a great fit for the company. Carlo left Atlanta, GA 10 years ago for a 4th of July getaway in Las Vegas and never went back! One of his favorite things about Las Vegas is the food. Any type of food, at any time of night is a perk that makes Carlo continue to call Las Vegas home.  


Amityville, New York

Dream Destination? (fictional or existing)

Jupiter – interested to see what life on another planet is like.

First Job?

Grocery bagger and cart collector at Kroger

What do you want your last meal to be?


What TV show is your guilty pleasure?

Childhood favorite, the TV show Sliders

Book or movie?


Life motto?

Some people don’t think it be like it is, but it do

What activity would you win a gold medal for?

Winning bets – always winning!

Which band or artist is a favorite on your playlist?

Post Malone

Last series you binge watched?