Originally from the east coast, Mindy has been a resident of the west for quite some time now. She came to Las Vegas in 2012 from Southern California for a change of scenery. In her spare time she loves to hike, climb, and camp and she enjoys not only the beautiful desert environment that Las Vegas has to offer, but its proximity to Utah and the unique hikes and climbs in Zion. While Mindy loves being outside and hiking, her real passion is trying to capture the perfect landscape through photography.

Mindy came to work for SkyWire by way of Assurance Advertising agency. As a longtime friend and valuable former employee of Assurance Advertising’s managing partner, Mindy was brought on board after SkyWire acquired the agency in early 2014.

As a child, Mindy dreamed of one day being a doctor with a side career as an architect so that she could design and build her own homes. While as an adult she may have changed career goals, she has put her logic and practicality to good use as SkyWire’s in-house financial analyst.

What is your hometown?

Monongahela, PA

Where is your next big vacation going to be?

St Lucia or Japan (Or, someplace else if I get a better deal)

What is your guilty-pleasure song/band?

Shoop - Salt N Pepa

What is your favorite comfort food?

French Fries

Where were you in life five years ago?

Studying Food Microbiology at Cal Poly. Wow, times have changed!

What type of person should work at SkyWire?

Someone who loves working and loves having fun at work!

What year did you start working at SkyWire?


What was your first job?

I was a waitress and bingo caller at the local fire hall when I was in middle school, serving coffee and reading off the numbers when someone called bingo.