Growing up, Joe, our Vice President of Strategic Accounts, wanted to be a professional fisherman. More specifically, fly fishing, something that he still loves to do. Although he could probably fly fish in nearby Lake Mead, he prefers to take his hobby on the road and into Big Sky Country, traveling to Montana and Utah to get his fix.

When he is at home in Las Vegas, he is an avid gardener. “I’ve got ‘Joe’s Farm’, I grow my vegetables. I grow a little bit of everything, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, Swiss chard, kale. I always try to do a lot of tomatoes because I like them and they are way better than what they have at the store, and then I always try something a little different too,” he says.

What’s your hometown?

Hometown is Syracuse, NY. Go Orange!

Where is your next big vacation going to be?

Canada or Costa Rica

What is your guilty-pleasure song/band?

2 Live Crew

What is your favorite comfort food?

Pot Roast

Where were you in life five years ago?

Almost at SkyWire

What type of person should work at SkyWire?

Fun, hardworking, self-motivated people

What year did you start working at SkyWire?


What was your first job?

Working with my dad, he had a couple hardware stores. Fixing screens, stocking shelves, stuff like that.