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With Microsoft Azure, SkyWire Helps Customers Increase Revenue And Decrease Stress

With Microsoft Azure, SkyWire Helps Customers Increase Revenue and Decrease Stress

The Problem in Hospitality

For years, restaurateurs and hospitality business owners have purchased expensive servers to house their customer data. Unfortunately, server crashes and viruses are a constant threat, and since most businesses in the hospitality industry don’t have a dedicated IT department, they are forced to pay for costly backup programs to prevent complete data loss Moving data to Microsoft Azure helps to reduce hardware costs (no need to buy a server), reduces IT expenses (you never have to call or hire technical specialists), and reduces the need to constantly update server software.

The Azure Solution

On our end, instead of delivering one server for a onetime payment, we get a recurring fee for hosting the data (as low as $39 per terminal). Bestof all, as the customers grow, the solution is scalable.

SkyWire Isn’t Just an Azure Vendor – We’re Azure Users!

At SkyWire, we use Azure ourselves. “We store all of our data on Azure and call it from our application,” says Jeremy Higgins, Director of Product Development. “We have full licensing servers, and our development POS system and all POS-related activities are run from Azure.” The Windows Azure APIs give the SkyWire team a flexible development framework, which in turn makes the internal development process a breeze.
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