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Utilizing Digital Displays, And Video, To Enhance A Mobile Marketing Campaign

Utilizing Digital Displays, and Video, to Enhance a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Be it online, or off, people everywhere are attracted to video.

People are attracted to video, and they also love getting good deals, so combining the two should be a no-brainer. But most hospitality companies are missing the boat on making the connection to mobile marketing. Video on a digital display or monitor on property can help you get your guests excited about their stay, market your company tastefully, and get them to opt-in for deals all at the same time. Imagine if by showing the amenities of your hotel, and great local attractions in a fun video format where you tell people to opt-in for more info. People love this kind of marketing because it’s visually appealing, non-intrusive, and can almost even feel educational. Video production and/or digital images that are attention grabbing are the key to a good campaign. Make sure your creative department gives a lot of thought to what will grab the guest’s eye. Once you have your concept, create the video/digital campaign and make sure to super impose a message for them to text a key word to your mobile marketing number. Then watch as the guests opt-in to your marketing system.

Mobile marketing at gas stations as a case study.

I was at a gas station the other day when the screen just above the pump started playing fun music and displayed a text opt-in. The ad was for a special on Red Bull. The imagery, music and promotion they presented caught my attention right away. I was a little sleepy, so I totally opted-in as if on auto pilot. The promotion was something like: Buy one get one free Red Bulls today only! And I’m not going to lie; I was pretty excited about it. A few weeks later I got a similar promotion for Powerade at the same gas station; sure enough, after I pumped gas I went inside and got some Powerade. It was such a good way for them to get me opted-in for more promos that I had to write about it.

The hospitality industry should take a cue from these gas giants, by offering similar deals on video or digital displays throughout the property.

One of the best ways to get people to opt-in is by giving them a service rather than an offer. Many resorts have on-location entertainment and shows. Now imagine a promotional video for a cool show on your property that has a call to action through-out saying: “For show times text…” People are sure to opt-in to your system without even giving it a second thought, just to get the info. Now that they are in the system and opted-in, you can start sending offers.

Using the SkyWire Mobile Connect software you can take this mobile marketing technique a few steps further.

Once the client is opted in you can send them a promotion that will enhance whatever show they wanted to go to, weather its 10% off show merchandise, half-off a drink at the bar, or even a free slot pull while they wait for the show to start. Next, (usually a few days later) use the simple polling feature in Mobile Connect to ask them about their service, stay, and promotions they would use. Based on their answers, and the other data located in the Mobile Connect reporting module, you can send them timely, pre-made, and pre-scheduled promotions or event invites. The benefit of this, of course, is that people are less likely to opt-out of a campaign that sends them things they are interested in, and they are more likely to use your company than another when they need it because of your consistent branding efforts through the mobile campaign. So now the ball is in your court. I urge you all to think long and hard about creative ways to get your guests opted-in. Then invest in some video displays (if you haven’t already), and produce a moving video and get ready to engage your customers.
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