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Top 4 Tips To Creating Marketing Design That Will Wow Your Target Audience

Top 4 Tips To Creating Marketing Design That Will Wow Your Target Audience

1. Focus on the content.

Effectively communicating your content should be the main focus of your design. A beautiful design that has no enticing copy writing, no call to action and no relevant content isn’t going to see a “Return on Your Investment” for the design and placement of your marketing materials.

2. Anything that is not adding value is subtracting value.

Design should be used to help communicate the content effectively, or not produced at all. You should work through many versions of your design in order to refine and/or remove any unnecessary elements that don’t add to the end goal of your design work.

3. Everything in your design must be 100% intentional.

Every element in your design needs to be cohesive and intentional. When an element stands out, it should do so intentionally and still fit in with the overall look and feel. Minimalist design doesn’t have to be black and white, but color palettes should be simplified. Using too many colors on a single page can be confusing.

4. Leave room for white space.

Just because there is room to add something, doesn’t mean you should! Every design element needs room to breathe. Adding too many design elements on a single page or in a single design will be ineffective. White space helps define content areas and helps viewers navigate though the design.   Full-Page-G&L-Spring-Ad
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