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Taking A More Advanced Approach To Getting And Holding Your Customers’ Attention

Taking a More Advanced Approach to Getting and Holding Your Customers’ Attention

Useful Marketing Information in AD Week.

On April 22nd, an Ad Week post by Melissa Hoffman shared insights and an infographic comparing differences in mobile technology usage between Canadians and U.S. residents. The highlight of the article is the explanation of how people are using their phones. This instantly gave me ideas for mobile marketing campaigns.  The information quantified such perfect opportunities to attract customers, keep their attention, and make them understand that a company cares about them. For example, U.S. citizens are constantly checking the weather, significantly more often than Canadians. The infographic even states that Americans are “obsessed” with it. Knowing this information, I could just see an ice cream parlor on a hot day sending out a mass text message:

     HOT 95 Degrees today! Cool off with a free second scoop!

Then I thought, how about using Mobile Connect’s patented Viral Messaging to make the offer viral by sending each new recipient a unique coupon code? This way, the shop can actually track and regulate the viral campaign:

    Currently 95 degrees! Use this code for a second scoop. Forward to a friend.

The recipients would then promote the ice cream shop without a second thought. And each recipient would only be able to use the promotion once, so the shop could track the purchasing habits of each recipient, as well as the effectiveness of each individual promotion and share. It’s so easy to draw people in with this type of strongly targeted and motivating promotion. Strategizing this way works for any industry. By looking at your target market’s habits, you can find their obsessions. Find an outlet they turn to for satisfying that obsession (mobile phones), and then create and place content there that really speaks to them. How could anyone resist? Whether they think your information and attitude is trustworthy or that you just have great promotions, customers will seek you out and pay attention to your messages. But remember: they will spend money only if your call to action is strong, so be sure to use good tie-in tactics and SMS copy. Another campaign came to mind when I considered the infographic’s claim that 65% of the American public use a mobile device while waiting in line. Imagine sending this message to your customers: “Here’s a great article to read while waiting in line” with a link. Seems simple enough, but have you sent one? You can bring traffic to your blog/website, give a full demo of your product or promotion, and hopefully use your call to action on the linked page to get the prospective client to make a purchase. I challenge you all to take a look at this AdWeek post and come up with a few more campaigns based on the info. CLICK HERE NOW to start a mobile campaign of your own.  
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