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SkyWire Software presents: SkyWire Spa and Activities System — a streamlined management system designed to allow guests, along with agents, call centers, and all other personnel to effectively schedule appointments for individuals and groups. The system is cloud-based and runs on a SaaS model. All you need is an internet connection and you are in business!

SkyWire Spa provides integrated e-commerce (online guest booking, product and gift certificate sales), real-time centralized reservations, and multi-site financial data consolidation for spas of any size and geographical diversity. What makes the system unique is that you can make schedules over multiple days, in multiple sites all at one time; without double booking rooms, activities or staff! SkyWire Spa also offers guest management and history, provides product inventory and point of sale, as well as calculates gratuities, service fees, and commissions. Delivering an all-inclusive suite of financial, sales, and activity reporting it can even be integrated and interfaced to property management systems and credit card gateways.

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  • Package scheduling – Book more than one service at once—SkyWire Spa schedules everything for you in the right order, in the right rooms with the right equipment.
  • Group booking – Book multiple people, multiple appointments at one time.
  • Enterprise Scheduling-Book all people and appointments, over multiple days, and across numerous sites seamlessly!
  • Guest Web – Let the guests book themselves from either the hotel or spa website.
  • E-Commerce – Allow the spa to provide channel distribution partners to book appointments in the spa at a discount or for commission.
  • Input your Retail – Input your inventory and start selling it at POS.
  • Reports – Run sales and inventory reports, to monitor transactions and ordering of new and old products.
  • Re-Order
  • Guest History- The system creates a guest profile and purchase history for each client that enjoys a treatment or activity.
  • Guest Check in – The system provides an itinerary of events and notifies staff when you have arrived.
  • Guest Check out – The system completes the experience with Point of Sale capabilities. Accept cash, charge, or bill directly to the hotel room for all of your products and services.
  • Apply commissions
  • Apply gratuities
  • Apply service fees
  • Post charges to hotel systems
  • Interface with credit card gateway for processing
  • Provide Sales Reporting
  • E-commerce – sell products and gift certificates online

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