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SMS Marketing Wins Of 2014

SMS Marketing Wins of 2014

Email newsletter open rates for tech companies is about 20%, and about 40% with Travel/Hospitality.

Let’s not forget that this does not necessarily mean customer engagement or conversion: merely open rates. Email Open Rates

SMS has a 99% open rate, true, but does any of that lead to engagement?

Using our patented Mobile Connect software, two of our clients received amazing engagement in 2014!

WinStar sent coupons and polls throughout 2014 and got 41% engagement*

The Artesian Hotel and Spa sent coupons, free offers, and free gaming offers and got 39% engagement*

Big wins for both SkyWire customers, and we couldn’t be happier for them! *Engagement rates calculations based on opted-in users who interacted with the call to action in sent messages  
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