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SkyWire SMS Marketing Case Studies:Mobile Connect FIndings

SkyWire SMS Marketing Case Studies:Mobile Connect FIndings

SkyWire customers have embraced SMS and Mobile Marketing for years now, and with much success.

Below are just some of the successes our customers have had in the over 12 million campaigns they’ve sent through our patented software.

  • Casino Hotel in Las Vegas had 430 tickets still on sale the day of a concert. A 2-for-1 ticket offer was delivered to 1,256 participating Mobile Club Members. The remaining 430 tickets sold out in half an hour. After the event, the 215 customers who redeemed the ticket offer were offered admission to Night Club for half price. Concert venue and Night Club increased revenue by $56,000 compared to similar concerts and show combos.
  • Casino Hotel in Reno, NV sent 29,000 non-local Mobile Club Members a special room rate offer. 189 rooms were booked (1.3% response rate) at an average of 2 customers per room (378 people) for two days. The average per-person spend equaled $55 a day. 378 customers spending $55 a day for two days generated $41,580.
  • Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ had 809 concert attendees responded to signage at the concert venue. Those 809 customers received a dynamic TEXT/SMS coupon for free entrance to an after concert party at a Night Club. 207 concert attendees’ redeemed the offer at the POS of the Night Club (25.5% response rate). Each customer spent an average of $40 once in the nightclub, generating $8,360 in revenue.
  • Restaurant in Las Vegas, over a 1 month period, had a 31% response rate from local mobile club members. The SMS campaign cost $2.16 for every $47.81 in revenue generated (4.5% of check total). With the same offer, an e-mail campaign had a response rate of one-half of 1%. Direct mail also had less than 1% response rate.

Case Study Statistics:

  • 22% Average in redemption of coupons by campaign
  • Viral campaign have gone up to 7 layers deep after initial messages were sent
  • Increased Facebook Followers by 5% when sending FB link in an offer that goes viral
  • Increase revenue by up to 15% after message sent to core audience with compelling offer.
  • 30%-90% response rate when sending free play offers. On average players spent another $50 each after redeeming free play voucher.

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