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SkyWire Customer Spotlight: Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa

SkyWire Customer Spotlight: Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa

Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa sits on 240 acres of land 17 miles upriver from Moab, UT, surrounded by the red rock mesas that the area is so well known for.

The resort is the idyllic retreat for anyone with an adventurous spirit, those looking for rest and relaxation, and anyone in need of a good pampering in the spa.

Sorrel River Ranch chefs pride themselves on planning their seasonal menus on what can be locally sourced and what can be harvested from the property’s organic garden; a true incorporation of farm-to-table principles. The remainder of the ranch’s garden is transformed into a variety of herbal scrubs and oils used in the spa’s treatments!

With so much to do when staying at Sorrel River Ranch you can be confident that booking these amenities is a breeze for guests because staff can utilize the SkyWire Spa software to book appointments in the full-service spa as well as various activities such as rafting, Jeep tours, and horseback riding without missing a beat.

Having such a large array of possible activities and a large number of guests means that SkyWire Spa’s ability to create multiple schedules over multiple days in a matter of minutes is crucial. Keeping the staff informed and less stressed, and the guests extremely happy!

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