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Mobile Technology In The Hospitality Industry

Mobile Technology in the Hospitality Industry

As mobile technology advances and consumers do more with their devices, they also begin to expect more from the companies they do business with. If we can control our home thermostat while at work, record our favorite TV programs even when we are away, and board an airplane without a paper ticket why must we still wait in line to check in at a hotel or use an awkward key card that is frequently deactivated or misplaced? Hoteliers around the globe are working towards making these nuisances obsolete. Hotel chains have quickly begun to see the benefits of having their own mobile apps, allowing frequent travelers the ability to check-in and receive the key for their room very little hassle. Tired travelers may now circumvent the entire check-in process and head straight to their room at any number of tech-savvy, forward-thinking hotels. Research has shown that waiting in line for as little as 5 minutes dramatically diminishes guests’ overall satisfaction in order to check in or out of the hotel. Optimizing mobile technology is a natural step towards improving guest experience and satisfaction and more and more industry leaders are making strides to streamline the system. We are years away from widespread adoption of eliminating key cards but that doesn’t mean hotels may turn a blind eye to the future. Along with eliminating key cards and shortening the length of check-in waits, mobile technology also has the ability to simultaneously make guests’ stays more enjoyable and drive up sales.  In-app purchases could allow guests to buy a late checkout, order room service, or call for housekeeping. Gone are the days of long lines, key cards, and tattered room service menus.

Hotels that can’t keep up with the changing times are likely to be left behind.

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