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HP Has Partnered With SkyWire To Make A Fully Integrated Mobile-Marketing-Centric POS System

HP Has Partnered With SkyWire to Make a Fully Integrated Mobile-Marketing-Centric POS System

The new HP MX10/ElitePad 1000 POS system featuring the fully integrated SkyWire POS and Mobile Connect mobile marketing platforms will be featured at the HiTEC show in June 2014 at booth #144.

HP’s MX10 system is designed to be sleek and efficient, taking up less counter space than a traditional POS system. By integrating the ElitePad 1000, and fully incorporated SkyWire software, you can check inventory and take orders at the counter or anywhere in the store by simply snapping the mobile device on or off the stand. MX10-Skywire The HP ElitePad 1000 is the total business solution and starts at less than $800. Designed for flexibility, the ElitePad 1000 will feature full-sized HDMI ports, a bevy of accessories and features that could make the device a laptop replacement. Some of the key stats for the ElitePad 1000 G2:
  • 9.2 mm thick;
  • 1.5 pounds;
  • 64-bit Intel processors;
  • Touch, pen or voice input;
  • Dual cameras;
  • Enterprise IT integration tools.
    HP has partnered with SkyWire, Inc. to make a fully integrated mobile-marketing-centric system, known as Mobile Connect, that is sure to help hospitality businesses to not only save time and money, but take orders, assist in alleviating wait times, as well as sending out marketing campaigns while tracking the results from anywhere. This makes the MX10/ElitePad 1000, featuring SkyWire POS and Mobile Connect the first, most advanced, and fully integrated marketing POS solution for the hospitality industry. It is anticipated to be a big attraction at NCB and will be featured at Booth 1311 for visitors to play with.   For more info please visit:  
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