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Google releases top 10 searches of 2014

Not all web searches are created equal.

2014 was a year with many ups and downs. No matter how you personally faired it was a hard year not to take interest in the world around us. Now I’m not sure if the top searches around the world can tell us how our global society views the world we live in, but Google has decided to put their own spin on it. The top ten list starts with Robin Williams who passed away earlier this year (not the happiest subject), but a close second was the World Cup. If we go through the list there are definitely more searches regarding things that were not so positive like Ebola and ISIS, however Google has done something to reassure us all that we are still a people who hope and dream. They have created a beautiful piece of advertising for themselves which includes the good and the bad top searches from this year. It demonstrates, in a very charming way (while staying true to Google branding), that when you total everything up our searches have actually been more positive. And even continues to remind us that- although we did have some losses we are a people who love to dream, hope and love. The commercial is ingenious in both advertising the brand as a good product for humanity (I see an increase in stock value), and giving us a bright feeling about leaving 2014 behind. Whether the statements are true or not I guess only a select few at Google who have access to the true numbers will ever know.
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