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7 Ways To Utilize SMS Marketing Tools Outside Of Coupon Codes

7 Ways to Utilize SMS Marketing Tools outside of Coupon Codes

Many of you know SMS marketing to be the text messages we receive from time to time alerting us of a coupon or discount that is available for that particular business, but there are so many other ways to use SMS to your company’s benefit.

Notifications and alerts:

Businesses from the DMV to libraries are utilizing SMS in order to reduce in-person wait times, let customers know about the status of their accounts, and get a hold of customers faster rather than depending on not-so-trustworthy email communication.

Delivery confirmation:

If you’re anything like me, tracking your package shipment progress can be just as satisfying as taking your new purchase out of the box. Companies now offer SMS Tracking as an alternative to constantly entering long tracking numbers into a website, enter the information once and get instant updates and delivery confirmation.


Online banking can be even easier and more convenient when you sign up for SMS alerts. Larger banking organizations will now let you know when your account balance is low, when a deposit has gone through, or even tell you your balance. All this information made available, without ever having to log in to your account via web or mobile app.

Health Notifications:

SMS is now being used to send instant reminders to patients regarding vaccinations, appointments, and medication refills. This helps patients stay on top of their treatment plans and increase the general health of many members of the public.

 Flight Status:

When you are at your busiest and trying to get out the door to catch your flight, checking flight status online is often the furthest thing from your mind. Sign up for flight notifications via SMS and have messages about delays sent straight to your phone where you are guaranteed to see them.


Pinnacle Hotels and Casinos are now implementing SMS to streamline their customer service process. Send the appropriate text to the front desk for valet, towels, or help with your luggage, and get service without ever having to dial, “0”.

Customer Service Poll:

Use an SMS survey at your restaurant or small business to gauge how your customers feel about the service they are receiving. Placing opt-in information and a polling keyword on tables at a restaurant will help to ensure that your managers are addressing poor customer service experiences before customers leave the premises… and never come back.

Emergency Connect:

From breaking news to road closures, there are dozens of ways to get the information you need at the moment it happens with SMS. Sign up with your university, city/county, or weather service and never be out of the loop again.

While coupons, discounts, and event notifications are still an important and fun way to implement SMS, don’t restrict your business or your imagination! The possibilities are endless if you start thinking outside the box!

For ways to use SMS to actually market your business , download our free SMS Marketing Guide.

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